Inside the Art: Animation

[Click on the image to see animations]

Note: Uses APNGs, use Firefox or Opera to see them properly.


  1. It's getting great. I'm anxious to see the final version of the game. Talking about it, I did commented on previous post with the name X. Now I'm talking with my real account. Hugs to you! Good work!

  2. My GOD u guys have all my respect.
    I really love Sonic, I think u people r the first in 20 years who understand what sonic is.
    The Aesthetics search in the (genesis)sonic games
    is way complex.
    Hope u don't forget the music. Its dificult to bring Chip music to "HD".

  3. Man the details are great! The friction of the stop, the left-to-right movement, even the straightening of Sonic's tail when he stops!

    You guys really are pulling all the stops!

  4. Hello! I really enjoyed this work with frames, creating the intermediaries between the main frames. I'm an animator and a sonic's fan too, and i can't wait to see this moving.


  5. ^^ you are the best ^^
    i can't waiiiiit

  6. Woah, I remember seeing the demo that it had a chop, but I figured it was quite okay being a mirror of the original. But this is really something! I'm glad the frame count was enhanced, this will give it an additional pop.