Inside the Art: Level Art I & II

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  1. So much teasing!! Only 44 more days to go (in theory). :(

  2. Well seeing as I've been suspended from the forums... That'll give me a rest at least... But now I'm not able to say thankyou. Which is a bit silly. So:

    Canned Karma:

    THANKYOU. That's the sort of answer I've been looking for all along. See who was to know you were still in talks with the admins? Now we do. I'll wait to see what that results in. And you can't realistically make a guide? Okay! No problem. Thanks for explaining that for me and others. Spare me the lecture about "insults" though. All I wanted were honest and informative answers, and you finally gave them.

    So a sincere thankyou.


  3. Oh and more on topic - when are we likely to see Staff Attack 3? I hope you haven't forgotten about that.

  4. Ugh, that godforsaken bush. Cheers to whoever finally figured it out, as I know that old version never really satisfied anyone.


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  6. Very much so like the new corkscrew. That one was very hard to do with the workflow I had for the original Sonic 2 HD tile set I worked on. Very glad to see you guys still up and kicking ass after all this time. Kinda sucks I wasn't able to keep on staff, but that's life.

    ~Death of Rats