Inside the Art: Sonic

[Click the image for larger size]


  1. So thats how you create a masterpiece?

  2. How wonderful!
    True artists know exactly when to change something and when to leave it alone. You guys are doing a miraculous job on that front with this sprite.
    Outstanding work.

  3. I do not know what comment. All praise be impossible to describe your work. Congratulations!

    PS: Sorry if my words seem meaningless, or incomprehensible, I am Brazilian and my English is a little rusty. My name is Rodrigo, but call me Sabbat. I'm talking with my fake account for convenience, but an hour I'll comment with my real account.

    Bye and thanks for keeping the real meaning of Sonic alive!

  4. Sega wishes they could do this... utterly fantastic. You're all doing the world a profound service! Can't wait for the release!!!

  5. Really great, congratulations!

  6. WOW!! I can't wait to play the game! This is one of the most exciting and nostalgic things I've ever anticipated!
    Very amazing work, here. WELL DONE!! :D