Art Evolution: Level Objects

[Click the image to see animations, Firefox or Opera recommended]


  1. The signpost looks a bit flat, like the actual post isn't interacting with the spinning sign.

    I'd suggest that the top of the post pops up when it spins and locks back down when it's done spinning.

    Maybe speeding it up would help, but as it stands, it looks like the spinning sign is just a different layer on top of the post layer, it doesn't look like it's actually attached.

  2. I'm not sure about the shadows on the spinning post. Specifically those below the sign.

    They look to me like shadows cast from a high light source (e.g. the Sun) but if that were the case then the shodows would stay constant even as the sign spun. In the spinning version they appear to be a pair of local downward pointing lights, one on each side of sign — why exactly there would be justification for such lights I don't know.

  3. Upon inspecting the spinning sign frame-by-frame, it seems the Sonic drawing has been incorrectly scaled.

    While in some frames Sonic almost touches the sign border, in others there is a significant distance between them. Also, there are two frames that the sign spins, but the Sonic portrait keeps the same position.

    If you watch the Robotnik side frame-by-frame and compare it to the Sonic side of the sign, you will notice that the former looks okay (and even gets slightly darker as it spins), but the Sonic side looks kinda weird.

  4. Thanks for posting some new artwork! :)
    Always nice to see some activity...

  5. Thanks for keeping up!

    The ring..
    The work is great yep,, but it looks to me like it's kinda liquid-gold-plasma thing.

    The original seems to me heavier and has more shiny contrast, that make it more "realistic cartoonish" styled rather than Quake3 "everything is shining with plasma cuz we can".

    The original ring, when I watched it time ago, surprised me by it's green touch! Maybe the Great Idea was that it reflects the world and have even the reflection of a platform beneath, but made only one and just for Green Hill and leaved for everything else.

    So you can kick ass by giving it a kinda 5% hue tint for rings in different stages instead of being it a plasmoids..

    If I remember it right, as I dropped watching "Sonic X" - there were some energy plasma rings, but in original Sonic it was just gold.
    O tempora! O mores!,,, maybe in 2025 it will be made of oil, and in 2060 is made of water.....

    Thanx for reading to the end, hope YOU are the developer ;)

  6. The rings need to rotate faster. :P

  7. The sign post needs to spin faster, if you can remember sonic can run at SUPERSONIC SPEEDS, the signpost needs to spin a tad faster. The rings should look about 1% darker. Apart from that I see no problem. Keep up the good work, and we want more updates. (A green hill zone demo would be good). I think you should be able to pull it all off soon.

  8. Please, u guys need to release this game fast. I believe Sega is looking at it (look for Streets of Rage Remake). If u guys don't release this fast, I don't know what's gonna happen.

  9. cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you are awesome!!!!!

  10. I agree that the sign looks a bit flat. Though I am impressed at how well the spirit of the original sonic character design is preserved in it. I think all you really need to do is re-draw the hand, having it project out toward the viewer a little more dramatically, as in the original. I like the way you nodded to that original effect by placing his arm in front of the sign frame, but sadly, with the hand this way it serves to make the hand recede further in space. Of course, this is a really minor quibble. You could leave it alone and it would still be the most amazing thing ever.

  11. We are not in November anymore!! In other words you guys need to give us some sort of indication on when you will release it. I am not trying to rush you, just want an indications of when it will be released.