Character Art: Super Sonic

Now that S2HD has entered phase 3 of production we have moved on to new targets for development. Goals for phase 3 include new zones, game modes, and characters. One of the the new jobs we have been most excited get onto, of course, is Super Sonic! So without further ado we present the brand new character designs for Super Sonic:



  1. Is this April Fools? I saw Super Sanic when I clicked on the image.

  2. Eeehhh, can't lie. Not a fan of the muscles and 6 pack. Even redesigned Super Sonic doesn't have those. April fool's joke maybe?

    If seious though I think a glow would be more faithfulto the character and still display his strength and speed. Maybe a trail of light or blur when you reach high speeds?

    1. In the bottom right corner it says: "This post is a joke; calm down. You will see the real Super Sonic someday!"