Staff Attack: Corral Summer

In this latest Staff Attack! we draw our attention to Corral Summer, sprite and level artist.



  1. very nice progress.... so, i was just wondering how you deal with the copyrights? Doesnt SEGA keep trying to stop the project?

    1. If Sega wanted to stop the project it would be stopped.
      The reason it's still going is because, for whatever reason, they have so far turned a blind eye to it.

    2. Not like SEGA ever tried stopping fan projects...

  2. Sega Sammy has had a long history of taking a page from how Half-Life mods were handled:

    Hiring the best of the lot.

    This is why the team behind the Sega CD remake were hired and why Tee Lopez is composing the soundtrack for their first non-remake work, Sonic Mania-a throwback title to the original style of play with a few tweaks that while new, don't really bring anything too revolutionary to the mix.

    This is a good thing and shows why Sega's doing better as a software developer than say, Nintendo which dropped a C&D on two major fanworks that either took a decade or nearly to make.

    It's good public relations for Sega to be so cool about it with Nintendo screwing the pooch repeatedly.