Some Exciting News!

Today we have some BIG news to share! Yes, you read that right. The anticipation has been building to this one moment, so without further adieu: We are incredibly excited to announce Big's Fishing Adventure 2 HD!

Join Big the Cat on his quest to catch the most fish he can while he searches for his best pal, Froggy. This journey will take you across all the zones you know and love in Sonic 2, allowing you to explore the world like never before!

Our artists are thrilled to be using their talents to create something entirely original, and we can't wait to get this game into the hands of our fans in 2092. Stay tuned for more updates on this very exciting project!




  1. Haha, I started to get really excited when i saw the Header, then i remembered the date today

  2. I just saw it, and they almost got me...