S2HD World Premiere

Tonight marks the World Premiere of Sonic 2 HD! For the first time since the project’s technical demonstration in 2008, the curtain has been pulled away to let the world see what Team S2HD has been building up. We hope this answers many of the questions long-time fans of the project have had, and that everyone is just as excited as we are for what’s to come.

For those who haven’t seen S2HD since the Tech Demo, you’ll notice that just about everything has been rebuilt from the ground up. What isn’t as obvious is that everything behind the scenes was scrapped as well: shortly after the Tech Demo’s release, the engine used was thrown away in favor of an even more accurate engine in the works--one capable of far more expansion than was originally imagined. In the year that followed the art direction also saw massive changes, and, from late spring of 2010, the finalized art style brought about the last wave of changes to everything that had been created previously. All of Sonic’s movement frames were redone. All the Badniks were scrapped and redesigned. Many of the level art assets underwent the same treatment. The result of these changes is reflected in what you now see.

By the fans, for the fans, spread the word: the alpha release of Sonic 2 HD will arrive Q1 2011!


  1. One week for this ? WTH where is the game... Outwitters!

  2. Oh hey, what's this.

    "When life events removed Sciz from the project,"

    Hah, that's a nice way of putting it. Let me formally apologize (at last) for dropping off the face of the planet without notice. Awfully immature move on my part in retrospect, regardless of what was going on.

    Glad to see that the art quality has kept going up, however slow progress may be. Best of luck.


  3. Oh hey, Sciz. It's good to know you aren't dead or something. I always kinda wanted to work on stuff with you, but you vanished right after I came around. Anyways, thanks for those ground blocks and the grass concept. I put those to good use.


  4. I hope this incledible and passionate project dont be FUCKED by the major owners of characters, just how happened to Chrono 64, that was just beatifull and very professional. that bastards of square...

    Congrats for the work! it just led me to tears! I spend most of my childhoop drawing and playing sonic, rockman, and mario, but liked sonic best! o/

  5. What SDK or deckit you use for do this game? It's a Complete "fanremake" of Sonic 2 or only a technical demo?

    Awesome job Continue.

  6. Can't wait guys, keep the good work up. An old timer Sonic fan is following with interest :)

  7. Just want to say that you are doing an outstanding job. It is _exactly_ what it should be. A lot of people don’t seem to get it. The art is so faithful an "upscale" of the original, and the movement and fluidity more so. Trying to change Sonic 2 is why so many have failed before--just deliver a pitch perfect remake, and leave the rest to the fans to do via a level editor.

  8. Check the Website http://www.s2hd.sonicretro.org/

    Wallpapers are bad:
    - 1st wall at 1024x768 can't be downloaded at all
    - 2nd wall: Where is Sonic mouth?
    - 3rd wall at 1024x768 point to 1920x1080