Staff Attack! Jesús Campos

Today our master Illustrator and Concept Artist, Jesús Campos, aka Nerkin, is in the spotlight!



  1. Looks so good, Looking foward to the release of the game :33

  2. Oh, I can't wait for the game !! All looks so perfect *-*

  3. The team is doing an amazing job with this so far. Keep up the great work, you guys!

  4. This. Is. Amazing! =D
    I like your idea of Eggman filling ARZ chock-full with traps in order to stop Sonic and Tails. Makes sense. And I love the coloring of your CPZ BG, especially the lower part, where it gets slightly darker. Oh, and don't get me even started on HTZ! XD Just beautiful, nothing more to be said.

    Many thanks for sharing these concept arts with us.
    Please keep up the good work! =)

  5. Whoa, those wallpapers are absolutely sick! I've been looking for a reason to bother replacing the default Ubuntu wallpaper - until now!

    I hope the disclaimer at the bottom doesn't bother me in the long run (I'm a bit OCD), though I understand why it has to be there.

  6. what did you study for make this game? did you use your abilities for work?

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