Staff Attack: Lewis Cross

Given the number of additions to the team in 2014 we want to point a spotlight on our artists one at a time showing off some of the pieces they're most proud of. We'll get started with the first artist who joined our team after the reboot last summer, Lewis Cross.



  1. I love it! Each of the pieces shown fit with the art direction of S2HD while still maintaining your own distinct style.

    I just had a quick look at all the original sprites and all of the pieces shown are faithful remasters of the originals, paying attention to all of the subtle details on the original sprites while adding in new ones.

    I was particularly impressed by all the little additions to the boss such as the cog, red light and screws and segments on the top pipe. The container for the 'mega mack' (blue chemicals) also has perfect shading in relation to the original sprite.

    I can't wait for the next staff attack! Well done Lewis and team S2HD!

  2. This is quite purely some amazing work guys! I cannot wait to see the finished product! But in the meantime, could you maybe create a demo show reel for Youtube showing us a bit of the progress and what it looks like in-game (Even if it isn't completed yet) just so that we can all see how it is coming together? (And also, to meet the team behind this amazing project :D). Keep up the amazing work guys!

  3. Amazing! Just by seeing these artworks makes me even more anxious for the Final Build of S2HD, especialy by being albe to see some of Lewis's special style in shading of the models, it's making me even more ready to download this game quickly when is released, of buy it, if you guys at the staff want to sell it, heheheh....
    Cheers for everyone at S2HD staff and for Lewis, you're pretty good, man! keep up the good work!!!

  4. There is an estimated ETA for the release date of this big project? Like a summer release or late 2015?