Making Of: Endpose Level Animation

Today we're taking a break from the staff profiles to show off a true making of for a new Sonic animation cycle unique to S2HD:



  1. So you are adding the super peel out from Sonic CD? Cool!
    Is there any chance tails will be able to fly?

  2. I don't think this is a good idea. If Tails gets too high it'll cause problems on so many levels.

    1. OK we know that in S3&K Tails can fly, but he gets tired.
      S2 is earlier in the series, So what if Tails can fly, but he gets tired a lot sooner in S2 than in S3&K. This would limit how high and far he can fly.
      Oh and they are called zones, not levels. ;)

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  3. Nice one! end zone (or end of act 2?) pose instead of walking around for waiting the result and change zone is really good actually.
    so yea, is that mean that peelout will avaible in this remastered?

  4. Can you create a tumblr account for subscribing?

  5. The world would rejoice if this project went open source upon release. It would REALLY help to cement the future of classic Sonic. I can only imagine how many quality sonic titles would spring up from this happening.
    (IF it dies again, before release, PLEASE open source the engine and assets)

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