Looking for a way to contribute?

Here's where you, the fans at large, come in.

If you're interested in becoming a contributing member of the S2HD team, we're looking for you! Our team is in need of a talented graphics artist and an animator. Given this may or may not come in the form of a single person, you can choose a specific role to fill by submitting the corresponding example to S2HDStaff@gmail.com. Once this has been done our team leaders will review the submissions and reach out to you for direct contact.

Graphics artist: are you an experienced Photoshop user who knows vector art and blending modes?
You can submit an example work based on Chemical Plant Zone done in art style of S2HD as seen in the alpha release. This could either be one of the badniks, one of the more recognizable level art pieces from the zone itself, or an entire screen, it's all up to you! We are looking for a degree of artistic license in the example so long as the design is distinct to CPZ. Concepts are welcome, but concept progression to a more polished piece is preferred.

Animator: do you like bringing art to life?
Please show us either an animation draft or a set of animations that best represents your skills.

We'd like to also note that we'll be posting up regular progress updates either in text or screenshot form. One of the criticisms leveled against S2HD in the past was the secrecy it was surrounded by and it won't happen anymore. Before too much longer you can look forward to seeing what we're doing with Hill Top Zone and the Special Stages. As for the inevitable questions on future release dates: when a new zone is graphically complete and the main engine is ready, more of Sonic 2 HD will make its way into the hands of fans worldwide -- but with your help, S2HD will speed up development!

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!


  1. i thought this was canceled. :) im looking forward to this

  2. Great news, can't wait to see casino level

  3. I'm not the artists you are looking for.

  4. I'm gonna apply for it with pleasure !!!

  5. Nightmare X,TimeWarp33,TokeiTime,Hazard the Porgoyle are lurking at internet and sure I want to apply s2hd fan game width them.!

  6. To be honest with you I'm fake Shigesato Itoi.My real name is Lucas Rygal.

  7. I'm not the artists and animators you are looking for.I hope project won't become canceled like Jazz Jackrabbit 3D and EarthBound 64.

  8. Today's my birthday!!!!