Alpha Release - Secret #2-3!

As promised, today we'll share the game's last 2 secrets alongside some of the most relevant work-in-progress HTZ graphics:


**SECRET #2**
To enable debug mode, collect every ring on both acts to get the Perfect Bonus

**SECRET #3**
Hilltop Zone (Incomplete)
Once debug mode is unlocked, press C+Start at title screen to enter Hilltop Zone


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    1. Come on that's just dumb (From Alex Small)

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  4. This is really sad!
    I still don't Youjizz understand why you let this LOst guy carry on with his childish behaviour for so long. Keeping the project binaries in ransom and totally Yaşlı Porno disrespecting the artists' work is something that would get you kicked out of any professional games studio right away.

    I just hope, you put all of your assets on freely available location (a cloud repository like github or bitbucket would be best) and under a permissive licence (e.g. CC-BY-NC (Creative Commons with Attribution and Non-Commercial clauses)), so other programmers can start where you left off.
    I'm pretty sure, such kind of move will Liseli Porno enable other teams to create new Sonic games using your assets, while also pissing the person responsible for this whole situation.

  5. Sonic 2 HD says "I'll be back".Ressurected from grave.

  6. I hate you who fucking though of idea for debug mode
    that guy who though of idea for debug mode : Lets make debug mode impossible to players cause im pro
    others : ok
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